Cease-Fire Agreement In 1973

(e) there are seven teams, six of which are available for allocation at the ports of entry listed in paragraph (d), and which both South Vietnamese parties choose as lawful entry points into southern Vietnam to replace the weapons, ammunition and war equipment authorized by Article 7 of the agreement. All teams that are not required for the above task must be available for other tasks, in accordance with the Commission`s control and control. Let me now summarize to you how we have received some of the aspects of the agreement that we have considered significant and that we will then answer your questions. At the same time, this one. The United States will cease all military activities against the territory of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam by land, air and naval forces, wherever it is established, and will cease the exploitation of the territorial waters, ports, ports and waterways of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The United States will permanently remove, disable or destroy all mines in North Vietnam`s territorial waters, ports, ports and waterways as soon as this agreement comes into force. A. Four years ago, the North Vietnams totally refused to separate political and military issues. Four years ago, the North Vietnamese insisted on the need to dissolve the existing government structure in southern Vietnam as a precondition for negotiation, and it is only after the dissolution of that government structure and the establishment of another government that they will discuss much less the implementation of the other provisions of the agreement. And so, until 8 October this year, all the various plans that have been the subject of ongoing discussion have failed at one of the roots of the situation where, until 8 October this year, the North Vietnamese asked them to give them a political victory as a precondition for the discussion of all military issues. The National Council cooperates and fully supports the National Council for the monitoring of the holding of free and democratic general elections in accordance with Articles 9 (b) and 12 (b) of the agreement, in accordance with the terms to be agreed between the National Council for National Reconciliation and concord and the international commission. Q.

Previously, you said that as of December 16, there were different differences of opinion that you then listed, and the first was the issue of the demilitarized zone and the related aspects of identity that South Vietnam should have under the agreement. Can you answer that and, above all, whether you are referring here to President Thieu`s objections? The dismantling of all military bases in southern Vietnam of the United States and other third countries covered by Article 3, point a), is cancelled within 60 days of the signing of this agreement. We have made our own parts of their comments that we have found reasonable; That we didn`t do, we didn`t. And after reaching an agreement with the North Vietnams, which we thought were right, fair and honourable, we presented it with great energy and conviction in Saigon. (a) The joint military commissions of the four and two parties will assume the task of determining without delay the modalities of the implementation of the provisions of this protocol, in accordance with their respective competences, in accordance with Articles 16 (a) and 17 (a) of the agreement.