Muslim Prenuptial Agreement

In this context, Muslims could benefit from the system of conjugal arrangement by writing down all the conditions they would respect in their married life, including the persecution of Islam and Sharia, and that conflicts would be resolved through mediation and arbitration. Here, the mundane terms of Dr. Nouris Mahr, Dr. Dadgar, ask him to pay a certain amount. The application of a spouse`s agreement to make a payment to the other does not violate the guarantees of equal protection. At the law firm Farooqi-Husain, we encourage our clients to discuss their marriage plans with their scholars. With our knowledge of Illinois law and our sensitivity to the needs of Muslim couples, we will then work on the development of a marital agreement that can: disclaimer: many of the following points do not agree with others. Even the conditions in Sound Vision`s recommendations are not. A marital agreement seems to give more force to the Islamic treaty of marriage and the conditions placed on it. Muslim men and women can introduce conditions in the marriage contract, unless they are contrary to Islamic law. Thus, couples can prepare these marital agreements with their signatures and make them notarized. Couples` rights are then guaranteed according to their belief system and practiced in all states of the world.

The English courts ruled some time ago that a Mahr is not a marriage contract and therefore not invalid after the prohibition of marriage contracts, on the grounds that the consideration is a specifically Islamic marriage ceremony and not the marriage itself. Marital agreements are subject to the law of the country in the event of conflict. This is a great opportunity for Muslims to guarantee their rights of The Islamic faith and to apply Islamic law to their family life. A marriage agreement can be used to protect the property rights of each spouse in any marriage. Such agreements are particularly useful for Muslim couples because they enter into a marriage contract that reflects their culture and Islamic faith. The traditions of Muslim marriage often include the exchange of precious gifts and elaborate ceremonies. Under Illinois law, most of these gifts would be considered non-marital property, making them almost impossible to recover in the event of a divorce. Lawyers Naveed S.

Husain and Ausaf K. Farooqi have assisted many clients from different backgrounds in their most complex family cases. With our experience and sensitivity to the needs of our clients, we proudly support Muslim couples in creating marriage contracts that give each spouse the protection he or she deserves in accordance with Sharia law. I am not aware of a jurisdiction that will impose an agreement on helping children in a pre-nup. The theory is that parents cannot give up the rights of the child (the law creates the right to custody of the children, which is based on the person who has custody of the child).