Perimeter Aviation Collective Agreement

When Unifor meets an employer, you don`t just take notes. Indeed, Unifor is a real union and that is exactly what WestJet`s front workers earn – as are flight attendants, pilots and distributors, who have joined all the unions and are in the process of negotiating their first collective agreements. With the two pilot groups now represented by ALPA, their merger will be overseen by ALPA`s merger policy and negotiations for a common collective agreement, followed by an integrated seniority list and, finally, a merged MEC. The goal is to complete the entire process by the end of the year. In Canada, we are fortunate to have fairly decent labour laws compared to many countries. You could be better, for sure, but we have laws that deal with things like health and safety, overtime, hours of work, vacation, paid leave and much more. But these laws are as good as the ability to enforce them. With a union, labour laws are part of your collective agreement. This means that you can act through your union for violations of the law, including filing a complaint about the problem, if necessary. WestJet employees continue to see how jobs go at the counters as the company tries to open new markets with ultra-low-cost carrier Swoop. WestJet workers were right to be concerned about what such measures meant for their jobs and the life they built for their families. Unifor members in other airlines faced the same problem and negotiated collective agreements to protect their jobs. Canada`s union leaders, representing more than 310,000 Canadian workers, are calling on the Trudeau government to take urgent action to prevent long-term and prolonged damage to the aviation sector through direct support.

“The addition of perimeter pilots to ALPA demonstrates the determination of Canadian pilots to speak with one voice,” said Captain Tim Perry, President of ALPA Canada. “Because these pilots are directly entering into joint negotiations, they do so with the support and experience of AlpA pilots, professional negotiators, economists and all ALPA staff. We look forward to continuing to work together in aviation in Canada. Last year, women around the world were increasingly voiced by stories of workplace harassment. As a union, we think it is not too much to ask to go to work without fear of the harassment or sexual harassment that might occur there. Unifor`s collective agreements negotiate clear anti-harassment language and appropriate procedures for workers who are victims of harassment and discrimination. Many unions do, but Unifor goes even further to rank for women in the workplace. In our lively life, the balance of work life is important.

We all work hard to get to work on time, prepare meals, take our children to school or play, maybe spend some time with our partners and friends and even just a little relaxation and refueling.