Trial License Agreement Template

2.2. Restrictions. Subject to the client`s mandatory rights under current legislation, the customer does not: a) transfer, sublicensing, sale, lease, lease or distribution of his rights to the Ververica product, provided, however, that the customer retains the right to sublicensing, transfer, lease, lease or distribute the Ververica product to his group companies, subject to the requirements and limitations provided by this agreement, provided that the customer is responsible for these companies and their compliance; (b) to wear, translate, locate, modify or create derivative works based on the Ververica product or Ververica documentation; (c) dismantling, decompiling, dorsal engineering, translation or any other attempt to deduce or obtain the source code, ideas, algorithms, structure or organization of the Ververica product; (d) copy or duplicate the Ververica product (except to create a copy only for archival purposes); (e) use the Ververica product for third parties, including a service office, time allocation or third-party training; or (f) publish the results of the reference tests on a product without the written consent of Ververica. 10.2. Corrective measures. If the use of the Ververica product is linked in whole or in part or if Ververica wishes to minimize its potential liability under this agreement (including, but not limited to, one of its third-party distributors), Ververica may, at its sole discretion, replace either (a) functional and non-injurious versions of the Ververica product or part of it; (b) amend the object that violates the law so that it is no longer prejudiced but equivalent; (c) to obtain, at Ververica`s expense, the right to continue to use this cause; or (d) Ververica may remove these injurious objects or objects, terminate all or part of this license. 2.3. Open source. The customer is informed that the Ververica product contains open source components and/or refers to them. The terms of this agreement do not apply to these open source components. The use of these open source components is subject to the current open source licensing conditions that Ververica makes available to the customer when the Ververica product is made available to the customer. 4.2. All support and maintenance services require the implementation of a separate service agreement between the parties.

1.5. Use of restrictions. The Company may not, directly or indirectly: a) sublicensing, resale, leasing, distribution, marketing or other transfer of rights or other transfer of rights or other transfer of rights or use to the SugarCRM product, or a modified or derivative version of the SugarCRM product created by or for the company, b) provide the SugarCRM product, or any modified or derivative version of the SugarCRM product; which were created by or for the company on a timeshare, office or similar office basis, c) remove or modify author, brand or ownership references in the SugarCRM product; (d) develop Forked software, (e) the functions, functions or graphics of the SugarCRM product for purposes other than those expressly approved in this agreement, (f) to use or modify the SugarCRM product in any way that would be subject to sugarCRM, in whole or in part to a copyleft license, (g) send, store or authorize a third party to send or store spam, try illegal, offensive, obscene or defamatory material, or malicious code, (h), (i) to use all rights protected by applicable law and contained in the SugarCRM product, contained in the SugarCRM product and contained in the SugarCRM product and accessible by the SugarCRM product and accessible via the SugarCRM product and , in order to set up a competitive product or a competitive service or to copy its functions or interfaces;