Apex Service Agreement

Give your customers the ability to extend their Powertrain warranty and ride worry-free for up to 10 years or 200,000 miles if they wrap 10/200 exclusion blankets around them! Together, it is the most comprehensive protection in the industry. And it`s easy to sell at a reduced cost if we`re sold around our 10/200 Powertrain warranty! Available for vehicles under 7 years old with up to 80,000 miles at the time of sale and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) – including coverage for the battery pack of battery! This cover is so large that it protects almost ALL mechanical and electrical components, with the exception of those in the “What`s Not Covered” section of the agreement! If your vehicle receives a flat tire, requires a start of the battery, fuel or other liquids, or if you lock your keys in the vehicle, Endurance offers 24-hour emergency assistance on the side of the road. If you decide to sell your vehicle, any remaining contract vehicle endurance service coverage can be transferred to the new owner, which adds value to your vehicle and results in a higher resale value. In keeping with the above, if you would like to know more about any of the products and services described on the site, Please contact the Apex office closest to you: Apex Rentals This cost-effective protection offers easy-to-use services and support, while expenses for unavoidable external damage, including: All Endurance vehicle service plans, as well as many of our plans and products, free sign-drive towing operations (at the dealer dealer) offer up to 50 miles or to the nearest qualified repair equipment. Without Apex`s agreement, no hyperlink can be created on the website or on a website owned by Apex or operated by Apex. If you want to post a hyperlink to an Apex website on your website, you must enter into a written agreement with Apex on such an ad before creating such links. Access to an Apex website does not allow you to use Apex`s names, logos, trademarks or copyrights, and you agree not to do so without Apex`s express written permission. All vehicle service plans of 12 months or more include 24/7 access – from all over the world – to personal concierge services for the life of each contract. Apex offers 4 levels of protection with options, value-added benefits such as personal concierge service and our new Endurance Protect app. Our High Level Pro Exclusion Plan offers more parts and component coverage than any other plan in the industry! No claim is contemplated unless the dealer has submitted a pre-sale check to the vehicle prior to the start of the warranty period and the vehicle has subsequently been maintained within the corresponding time/mile intervals, in accordance with Apex`s recommendations. A maximum allowance of 310 miles/500 kilometres is allowed on either side of the prescribed mileage or two (2) weeks on either side of the set period. Each vehicle is subject to a maximum of three (3) free towing services, but has unlimited on-demand services (from 0800 to 0000, seven (7) days per week). This troubleshooting service must be available for the first twelve (12) months following the date of purchase of the vehicle.

In order to avoid any doubt, all costs related to the management of the road after the third towing service, outside of service hours and/or after twelve (12) months must be paid by the owner of the vehicle or the holder of the warranty (if applicable).