Ibew Local 213 Inside Wireman`s Agreement

Members should consider proposals for the next round of collective bargaining. John Pesa`s proposals can be submitted by email jpesa@ibew213.org for the next round. Rehabilitation plan benefits are made available free of charge to members who have contributions through their collective agreements. BCBCBTU 2016 – 2019 collective agreements will expire on April 30, 2019. The parties are expected to begin negotiations on a protocol for the next round of negotiations one year before the end of the year, probably in spring 2018. Over the next few months, the amendments will be incorporated into the collective agreement and will require reading and signature from the parties involved. After the signing of the collective agreement 2016 – 2019, it will be published in the reference library on the www.ibew213.org website. Members of the four bc manufacturers (213, 230, 993 and 1003) voted to ratify the negotiated amendments to the Inside Wiremen`s Agreement. BC IBEW Locals are a union that establishes the BC Building Trades Unions (BCBCBTU) in accordance with its Constitution, and the BCBCBTU is a union council in accordance with Section 41 of the Industrial Relations Act. BCBCBTU represents 15 construction unions as bargaining partners for 48 collective agreements. A list of collective agreements is published on the www.clra-bc.com website. In previous years, MSPs premiums had continued to increase under the BC Liberals. The health and wellness plan offset the increases with prudent management.

The contribution amount was $2.10 per hour for more than a decade and increased to $2.30 per hour in 2016. In comparison, other BC IBEW residents are at $2.50 per hour for their H-W plan and most other construction trades at $2.50 per hour or more. For members with more than 10 years of membership to 213 local IBEW members with less than 10 years of membership, the number of years in 213 local IBEW members is proportional to their number of years. For dental reimbursement, we need an original paid receipt and a standard dental application form, available in all dental practices. If another plan participates in a partial payment, it is necessary to confirm the amount paid in the form of an accompanying document. The plan has a “fine” policy with respect to fraudulent claims. Our annual dental/audience assistance service is $2,500 per family per calendar year. Current coverage is $100,000 for members under 65 and $35,000 for active members 65 and older. With the $10,000 death benefit (formerly Bereavement Benefit) described above, active members under the age of 65 have an effective total of $110,000 in life insurance and active members aged 65 and over have a total of $45,000. Also note that your Nely Optical and Skylight Optical eyes are no longer approved optical suppliers for reimbursement. The plan pays up to US$10,000.00 to the recipient or family of the deceased member who bears the funeral expenses. This is a tax-free benefit.

Combined massage/physiotherapy treatment maxed 750 USD Dollars The plan reimburses 75% of the treatment fee up to a limit of 7,000 USD for a total amount of 5,250 USD to be paid. Before work begins, a forward-looking statement must be submitted to the Workers` Social Welfare Office on site. Administrators can request a second estimate if they feel the first estimate is too high. Members who use this benefit should be aware that they must pay to fully cover Plan “A” if they pay for it themselves, as our other plans do not cover orthodontics. Please note that the repayment period is March 31 of the year following the year of the fee. The BCBCBTU threshold for ratification of BC construction is a double majority, meaning that the majority of all BCBCBTU members and the majority of BCBCBTU unions must vote in favour of ratifying an overall threshold to be ratified.