Line Production Agreement

In addition, India has a number of co-production contracts with countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, China, Korea and New Zealand. These co-production contracts confer certain advantages on filmmakers in both countries and vary according to the specific contract in force. These benefits include exemptions from import duties and taxes, allowing workers to enter and stay in the country through the production or promotion of the film, and other tax benefits. According to Guild of America (PGA) guidelines, the line producer is the person who reports directly to the person who receives the “Production by” credit on the theatre film, and the only person who is the primary logistics manager of the production, from pre-production to production completion; All division heads present themselves to the line manufacturer. [3] During production, the line manufacturer monitors the execution of many decisions that must be made to deliver each day of filming. Administrative aspects, particularly those with financial implications, are essential areas of the line producer`s work. These areas include negotiating crew members` salaries (usually during pre-production) (both for union productions and non-union productions) and solving daily production problems (in conjunction with the unit`s first deputy director and possibly the unit`s production manager). [6] In addition, they provide the required equipment. If necessary, they deal with unforeseen date changes and serve as a “link between the crew and the producer.” [3] The line manufacturer acts as a chief operating officer in the management of the production company. During pre-production, tasks are underway to oversee the editing of the filming company, recruit key staff and services, and take over the production organization for script recording and film transformation. The line manufacturer provides launch dates for everyone and everything and monitors the budget upstream of the image. Film production generally follows a rigorous schedule. The line manufacturer facilitates casting, rental of premises, construction and decoration, offices and stages, offices and scenes, wardrobe, accessories, stunts, physical and visual effects, camera, lighting, rigging, transportation, occupation, crew and union relations, travel, occupancy and crew accommodation, conclusion of licensing contracts and legal agreements, safety and risk management, preparation and filming plan.

In short, the line producer oversees production planning, negotiation, implementation and accounting. 1 (the last outing is October 1, 2019). In a separate and futuristic memo aimed at attracting foreign productions, the government would also have the habit of granting tax refunds and subsidies to foreign productions for filming in India.1 The content of this hotline should not be interpreted as legal advice. Show detailed disclaimer. 2. EMPLOI: The company undertakes to rent online production services in conjunction with the image, and the artist undertakes to perform online production services. In the studio system, the online producer comes to the studio and typically works with senior executives in production divisions within the studio, such as physical production, legalization, labor relations, insurance and finance. The line producer supports the director`s vision and direct influence on the creative expression or narration of the film[4] Although it can be argued that a line producer by the ability of a line producer to influence aspects of the film, such as allocating resources to certain departments, may change important aspects of the film that have creative consequences, for example. B the value of the production.