Agreement With Norsk

Unity is only possible if there is concordance in thoughts and deeds. If I`m going, it means we didn`t agree. “Scout Gaming has established itself as a leading competitor in acquisition and we look forward to working with them. This could prove to be an important upcoming product category for us in which we hope for long-term potential,” Mengshoel continues. We are confident that Norsk Tipping will succeed with its commercial and regulatory ambitions,” said Andreas Ternström, CEO of Scout Gaming. You now know that this agreement and my agreement with Ragnar Lothbrok mean a lot to me. You kill me before you verify the information, you violate your agreement. Acceptability includes the ability to consider the facts and negotiate a fair agreement. But justice requires that none of this be done without our consent and participation. After being selected as a supplier, Scout Gaming entered into an agreement with Norsk Tipping, the legal gambling operator in the Norwegian market. Together with the Finance Sector Union of Norway, we have translated the basic agreement and the general agreement into English. “Norway is considered one of the largest fantasy nations in Europe and that is why our goal is to steer as many players as possible towards a regulated and responsible environment by law.

This agreement with Scout Gaming allows us to explore and iterate in order to guarantee the best possible solution for the Norwegian market. I had to sign an agreement, otherwise they didn`t let you see David. Recently, efforts have been made to put “teeth” in international agreements. We see Norsk Tipping as one of the world`s leading iGaming companies in responsible gaming, innovation and product lines. We look forward to working with Norsk Tipping and are aiming for a strong long-term partnership,” said Andreas Sundal, CPO of Scout Gaming. About Scout Gaming Group Scout Gaming Group is an authorized and regulated provider of B2B Fantasy Sports and pool betting. The company offers a flexible and customizable network-based fantasy sports solution, with support from most sports and leagues via an internal StatCenter that also provides real-time information to players. Local sports can be provided upon request. The group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with development and operation in Bergen, Norway and Lviv, Ukraine. Distribution and support are provided from the Malta office. Scout Gaming is listed on Nasdaq First North and the certified consultant is Redeye AB – Phone: 08 – 545 013 49, email:

If you have any questions about translations, please contact us at Finance Norway. “Norsk Tipping is a very important strategic customer for Scout Gaming. Norway is also a well-established country for fantastic players…