Asset Purchase Agreement South Africa

The following agreements may apply both to transactions in the sale of shares and to transfers of assets or undertakings: vi. The deeds, purchase orders, assignments and other transfer securities delivered to buyer in accordance with this agreement have been properly executed and delivered and give buyer good marketable ownership of seller`s assets that will be sold below. 2. The buyer represents and warrants that it has inspected the assets and that it accepts this condition in its current state with all errors. Seller hereby represents and warrants that it is the owner of the assets, subject to the commitments assumed below, but expressly disclaims any warranty regarding the condition or suitability of such assets. South African private companies must register with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). The publicly available CPTC information is relatively limited and contains basic details such as registration data, the names and addresses of directors, and the end of the fiscal year. No information is provided on the assets or participation of a company. Copies of a company`s constitutional documents can also be removed from CPIC, although requesting and obtaining these documents is still a tedious process. However, CPIC is in the process of implementing an automated system for obtaining copies of documents filed with CPIC. Publicly available information on private companies in South Africa is relatively limited.