Sap Scheduling Agreement Change History

For example – We have a few cases where the buyer changes the order rates to the current validity, and now we are not able to keep up with old rates and new rates in the history of the delivery plan. If you do not exceed the previous validity period, you must therefore let the only validity period end at the beginning of the new period. Depending on how the changes are saved, SAP will take care of it for you. This means that if you did it today, the existing period will end with today`s date, while the new one will start with today`s date. Lines” and delivery plans usually contain a lot of deliveries To track changes in the delivery plan, please follow the following path: Path 4Logistics → production → DRP → environment → Delivery plan → Change the head and location changes of the delivery plan. Can you advise me how to track changes in the delivery plan? Information about the history of delivery plans and classifications is also stored in the VBEH database table. However, the changes made to I would like to know if there is a standard sap transaction or table to display all the changes of PO/SA, i.e. quantity, price change, etc. The protocol for modifying delivery plans only contains data about the fact that I tried to track changes in delivery plans (VA33), but could not. The “Show Changes” option in the environment menu and the CDHDR/CDPOS CDPOS only provides item-level information.

It was not possible to track changes in classification, such as changing the open quantity/quantity of orders. I have the same question. We do not see any changes in the classifications for delivery plans. I checked AUT10, and it still contains only header and line level changes that have occurred. delivery plans, unlike other sales documents, have an SAP rating 746502 (delivery plans do not record any changes) As the changes are made directly in the order (not SA), the report required for THE ORDER is executed instead of SA. According to your advice, I saved the following path (ME33L-Header->Statistics->Changes), but there are no values that are reflected (only a little code that is reflected in the old value column and the new value column with an old period)-Where the SA sentences have been changed by the buyer. You will find lines in the delivery plan in VA32 transactions Is there a setting in imG that needs to be enabled to track these types of changes? We need old rates as well as new rates with history- If the SA rates have been changed by the buyer with the same validity. It`s under the ME package. When we run this transactional code, SAPMM06E is the normal STANDARD standard program running in the background. . MEKL SAP tcode for – Price Change: Delivery plans And number of rankings in each delivery plan, the EKETH – Delivery plans: Historical tables EKETDATA_SD – Shipment planning dates for delivery stations (Pourch.) EKETDATA – Delivery Plan Lines EKET – Delivery Plan lines EKES_MG – ISAUTO : EKES_MG EKES_CONV_QTY – Contains a lot of Conversn Factors.

UoM Delivery & UoM Order Check the possible menu options to access the same report by avoiding entering the transaction code. Trail 1Logistics → materials industry → purchase → framework contract → delivery plan → way of modification 2Logistics → materials industry → Foreign trade/Customs → Foreign trade Processing → environment → purchases – Import → purchases → framework contract → → modification. . Appendices: Up to 10 appendices (including images) can be used with a maximum of 1.0 MB each and a total of 10.5 MB. being overwritten regularly, due to technical constraints, it is not If you have an answer to this question, so please use the form your answer at the end of the page. Delivery class: A – Application board with master and motion data Display/maintenance via SM30: Allowed extension category i: Uncategorized For more information on this category and other SAP extensions, please see here ==> View table relationships…